Murder Mystery Party in Dallas
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A murder mystery party in Dallas is just what the doctor ordered to turn a flatlining party into an adrenaline filled evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder!

Host a Murder Mystery Party

Corporate event? Private Party? Charity function? No matter what your event is for, our mystery experts and Crime Scene Consultants will transform it into a live action Clue style game where your guests actually get to be the suspects and sleuths. Anyone could be the murderer, even you, and we guarantee your guests will have the times of their lives trying to figure it out.

Whodunit is our business, and we specialize in making each crime scene as unique and individual as the needs of your party. Our diverse list of themed mystery shows have something for everyone, and we also have options for customization so you get exactly the murder mystery party you want. Plot the perfect murder mystery party in Dallas with The Murder Mystery Company.

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The Murder Mystery Company in Dallas

Performing murder mystery parties in Dallas has been a feather in our cap for many years. Nothing makes us happier than bringing a fun, original entertainment product to the people of Dallas, and from the rave reviews, the people of Dallas have been loving us just as much! We look forward to keeping the mystery, intrigue, and murder business alive for many years to come. We love Dallas!

The Best of the Best

Just like a chef has to learn how to make the perfect pie crust, or a musician has to take lessons to master their instrument, we make sure every one of our professionally trained performers goes through extensive training before we plant them in one of our crime scenes. The Murder Mystery Company uses their secret GRIMprov Method of acting training to make sure our mystery experts are on the top of their game.

To find out more about the precision of our actor training, check out this video: