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Corporate event? Private Party? Charity function? No matter what your event is for, our mystery experts and Crime Scene Consultants will transform it into a live action Clue style game where your guests actually get to be the suspects and sleuths. Anyone could be the murderer, even you, and we guarantee your guests will have the times of their lives trying to figure it out.

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How to Plan for Your Murder Mystery Party in Dallas

Your upcoming event in Dallas is only missing one thing: entertainment. That’s where we come in. The Murder Mystery Company in Dallas is the perfect way to turn a run of the mill party into a life size game of murder. Instead of entertaining your guests with the same old board games, movies, and party favors, immerse them in a Clue style murder mystery where they are the game pieces, and anyone could be the murderer, even you! A murder mystery party in Dallas is the perfect way to enhance any private event, team building day, corporate event, fundraiser, charity event, or birthday party anywhere in the Dallas area.

Corporate events are tedious to get through at best, and a downright bore at worst, but they don’t have to be! Invite our mystery experts to your corporate shindig and we’ll turn each of your guests into a suspect or detective, and sleuth their way through a killer crime scene with us, gathering clues, interrogating and bribing witnesses and suspects, and uncovering a killer in the crowd! Your upcoming corporate event can be the murder mystery party in Dallas everyone is talking about. We even hook you up with a personal on call Crime Scene Coordinator to make sure plotting your murder is a breeze.

Team building days will be a life changing experience with our interactive murder mysteries. Instead of awkward ice breakers and uncomfortable trust exercises, team up your employees and watch them solve a mystery while they learn valuable critical thinking and teamwork skills. They’ll have a fun afternoon of mystery, intrigue, and murder, and you’ll get the opportunity for a team building day that actually allows your employees to build relationships and skills they can use in the future. A team building murder mystery party in Dallas is a win win for everyone involved!

The Murder Mystery Company wants to help you knock your charity event or fundraiser goal out of the park. Our unique, interactive murder mystery parties in Dallas are the perfect way to bring in a crowd, and raise money for your cause. We have a diverse list of themed murder mysteries that can be customized to your event. Your guests will have the time of their lives dressing up as 1920’s gangsters, rock’n’roll 80’s punks, masquerade ball mavens, and much more, all for a good cause! Just pick your theme, and start plotting the most successful fundraiser or charity event in Dallas with your personal on call Crime Scene Coordinator.

Our mystery experts are also great for birthday parties! Instead of cakes, clowns, and balloons, why not transform your party into a thrilling game of murder and solve a crime with your friends and family? Choose one of our murderously fun mysteries, and let the game begin! Is the birthday girl or boy the prime suspect, or the sleuth who saves the day? The only way to find out is to solve the crime, just in time to cut the cake at your birthday murder mystery party in Dallas!